Western Australia

Putting Western Australian produce on the world map.

A pristine environment for world-class produce.

Western Australia is one of the oldest lands on Earth. Covering nearly one-third of Australia’s total landmass, it is home to a diverse range of spectacular, natural landscapes. From the lush pasturelands and ancient mountains of the south, to the red-earth plains and white sand beaches of the north, our unique region has been blessed with endless sunshine, clear blue skies and clean fresh air, making it a perfect and pristine environment to produce a safe, healthy and premium produce.

With this combination of pristine environment and perfect location, it’s easy to see why Western Australian’s pure, sustainable and healthy produce is now sought after in Singapore and around the world.

Close proximity to Singapore and Asian markets

Western Australia is conveniently located on the same time zone as major Asian markets with close proximity to Singapore.

But our unspoilt, pure environment is not the only reason our produce is the envy of many. Our efficient flight schedule and close proximity to international markets including Singapore means we can process and deliver our premium produce within the day. This creates a flexible supply chain and ensures consistent quality at every step, from paddock to plate.

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